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What is OBINEX?+

OBINEX is a FinTech project that aims to bring cryptocurrencies closer to people. We are creating a product ecosystem that will comply with regulations and, therefore, provide a safer environment for its users.

Is OBINEX a CEX or a DEX?+

We also aim to create a hybrid platform that offers all the benefits of both concepts in one place.

Who can invest in OBINEX?+

Anyone can invest in OBINEX. You only need a Metamask wallet and the basic knowledge to do so.

Will copytrading be available? +

Yes, and you will also be able to track your progress and the progress of the trader you copy thanks to our advanced metrics system.

Can leverage trading be done? +

Although we would like to offer this financial product to our users, we will not be offering leverage products at the moment.

What services will the CEX offer at the launch in 2024?+

OBINEX will offer trading services and OTC services at the launch date, followed by staking and farming services during the same year.

Do I need an OBINEX wallet to hold my tokens on the exchange? +

No, to operate within the CEX, all you need is to create an account following all the steps indicated by the platform.

Why should I buy NFTs now?+

Every 1st of the month, we will increase the price of each NFT by 30%. Therefore, if you don't buy now, you will miss the opportunity to do so at such an affordable price.

What benefits do I get from NFTs?+

With the purchase of NFTs, you can obtain great economic benefits, but the most important one is the opportunity to earn a percentage of the CEX's monthly fee income.

How can I buy NFTs? +

To buy OBINEX's NFTs, you just have to click here.

What do I need to have to buy one or more NFTs?+

To buy NFTs in our store, you must have a decentralized wallet and have enough liquidity for the purchase. We recommend using Metamask, although there are others you can use. If you don't have a decentralized wallet yet and don't know how to create one, access our Telegram and our support team will assist you in the process.

Can I buy NFTs using a debit or credit card? +

No, you can only buy NFTs using your decentralized wallet.

Can NFTs be sold?+

Yes, OBINEX's NFTs are of the ERC-1155 type. This means that you can sell your NFTs on any platform or blockchain that accepts this type of token standard.

Can I store NFTs in any type of wallet?+

As mentioned before, OBINEX's NFTs are of the ERC-1155 type, so you can store them in any wallet that accepts this type of token standard.

What do I need to do to receive the monthly rewards that each NFT grants?+

To receive any of the rewards offered by our NFTs, you must have those NFTs in your personal CEX account.

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